Intimacy Anorexia

Create Intimacy In Your Marriage And Relationships

Did you know?

Dr. Douglas Weiss first documented this condition and coined the term "intimacy anorexia" when he started seeing a separate, yet related aspects of sexual anorexia in his private counseling practice.

What Is Intimacy Anorexia?

Intimacy anorexia is the active withholding of emotional, spiritual, and sexual intimacy from spouses or partners. This active withholding impacts the spouse or partner significantly causing emotional trauma, pain, and anxiety. However, intimacy anorexics continue their patterns of behavior regardless of the hurt they are causing.

Can Intimacy Anorexia Be Treated?

Yes, Dr. Weiss believes that intimacy anorexia can be treated once it is identified.

What are the characteristics of intimacy anorexia?

Knowing the eleven characteristics of intimacy anorexia can help you be aware of the symptoms and know what to look for.

Intimacy Anorexia Recovery Resources

Learn about resources and treatment options which can help you recover.

Intimacy Anorexia Intensives

Intimacy Anorexia Intensives are a complete recovery solution to fighting intimacy anorexia.

Intimacy Anorexia Counseling

Discover how intimacy anorexia impacts you and your relationships through our counseling sessions.

Intimacy Anorexia Treatment Options

There are several treatment options treating intimacy anorexia including books, workbooks, and dvds.

Intimacy Anorexia Frequently Asked Questions

If you are just hearing about this addiction, you will have questions. Find answers here.