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About The Facebook Groups

These Facebook groups are closed groups, so only members can see the content and posts inside of them. They are moderated and your request to join must be approved before you can become a member. If you have questions about the groups, send us a message.

Married and Alone Facebook Support Group

This Facebook group is specifically for partners of Intimacy Anorexics who are actively dealing with intimacy anorexia in their relationship or marriage. These women understand what it feels like to be treated as a roommate by their partner or spouse and have intimacy withheld from them. Request to join this community.

Partners of Sex Addicts Support Group on Facebook

This Facebook group is for partners of sex addicts who need support and a safe place in the midst of their addiction created storms. These women are all partners themselves and understand what you are going through. They can help you. Request to join this community.

"You and your spouse deserve true love, intimacy, sexuality and a relationship that is authentic, fun and full of the hope and dreams you've always wanted." - Dr. Doug Weiss