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Find answers to your questions about intimacy anorexia.

Common Questions About Intimacy Anorexia

If you are just hearing about this addiction, you have questions. You may be wondering what intimacy anorexia is, how is it defined, how it is treated, if couples can recover, and what types of help are offered. Find answers here.

Dr. Douglas Weiss created the "intimacy anorexia" term when he started seeing sexual anorexia in his private counseling practice that presented with a lack of intimacy. Intimacy anorexia explains why a person in a relationship actively withholds emotional, spiritual, and sexual intimacy from their partner or spouse. This active withholding impacts the spouse or partner significantly but regardless of pain to self or their spouse or partner, the anorexics continue their behavior.

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The Intimacy Anorexia Book: Healing The Hidden Addiction

Buy the book that puts a name on the lack of intimacy you are experiencing. Intimacy anorexia is the hidden addiction that is destroying so many marriages today. This book will help you understand and heal from this addiction. It features excerpts from the personal stories of intimacy anorexics and their spouses which help this book become clinically helpful and impactful. Find hope and healing for your relationships and marriage.