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Please answer the following questions either for you or for your spouse.

#1 Do they stay so busy that they have little time for you?

#2 When issues come up, is their first reflex or response to blame you?

#3 Do they withhold love from you?

#4 Do they withhold praise from you?

#5 Do they withhold sex from you or are they not emotionally present during sex?

#6 Do they withhold spiritual connection from you?

#7 Are they unwilling or unable to share their authentic feelings with you?

#8 Do they use anger or silence to control you?

#9 Do they have ongoing or ungrounded criticism (spoken or unspoken) towards you?

#10 Do they control or shame you regarding money or spending?

#11 Do you feel more like a roommate than a lover in your relationship?



You answered yes to 5 or more questions which means you or your partner are most likely struggling with intimacy anorexia. Check out our intimacy help solutions below.

You answered yes to four questions or less, therefore, it does not appear that you or your partner are currently struggling with intimacy anorexia.