The Intimacy Anorexia® Test


You answered yes to 5 or more questions which means you or your partner are most likely struggling with intimacy anorexia. Check out our intimacy help solutions below.

You answered yes to four questions or less, therefore, it does not appear that you or your partner are currently struggling with intimacy anorexia.

Please answer the following questions either for you or for your spouse.

#1. Do they stay so busy that they have little time for you?

#2. When issues come up, is their first reflex or response to blame you?

#3. Do they withhold love from you?

#4. Do they withhold praise from you?

#5. Do they withhold sex from you or are they not emotionally present during sex?

#6. Do they withhold spiritual connection from you?

#7. Are they unwilling or unable to share their authentic feelings with you?

#8. Do they use anger or silence to control you?

#9. Do they have ongoing or ungrounded criticism (spoken or unspoken) towards you?

#10. Do they control or shame you regarding money or spending?

#11. Do you feel more like a roommate than a lover in your relationship?


Find The Right Treatment Option

Intimacy Anorexia® The DVD

The Intimacy Anorexia DVD explains the age-old question, Why doesn’t my partner want to be intimate with me? This is the DVD version of the Intimacy Anorexia Video.

The DVD includes 90 minutes of up-to-date information on sexual, emotional and spiritual anorexia and can open new insights for individuals or couples to begin a life of intimacy. This video will give you the characteristics, causes and strategies of intimacy anorexia. It also provides solutions for the intimacy anorexic to start their road to recovery.


Our Intensive Certified Counselors have completed our intensive training program so that you receive the absolute best help available.

Our Intimacy Anorexia Intensives are complete recovery solutions. These intensives meet the needs of couples who are struggling with intimacy anorexia issues. Our licensed counselors address the emotional damage which takes place in most relationships and marriages. Couples learn the skills required to build intimacy and how to successfully remain in committed relationships after the awareness of intimacy anorexia. The Intimacy Anorexia 3 and 5 Day Intensives are held at Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Our licensed counselors are here to help you.

Our Intimacy Anorexia counseling sessions are short-term solutions which help you figure out intimacy problems in your relationships and marriage. These counseling sessions are not in-depth solutions like the intensives, but they can help you resolve issues, reveal problems, and figure out the next best steps to move forward. Our licensed counselors meet with you on a session-by-session basis. The Intimacy Anorexia Counseling Sessions are held at Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado and phone counseling appointments are also available.

"You and your spouse deserve true love, intimacy, sexuality and a relationship that is authentic, fun and full of the hope and dreams you've always wanted."
- Dr. Doug Weiss